Who’s Involved?

Turner project tour
LTWC brings together neighbors, property
owners and scientific experts to tour
completed restoration projects.

LTWC’s strength lies in the diversity of people who work toward a common goal of clean water and healthy habitat. Each year, a slightly different mix of committed people exemplifies the Council’s spirit of diversity and inclusiveness.

  • The Board of Directors are volunteers from the community that bring diverse perspectives and skills. The goal is to have a stakeholder board that in part represents the people we work with as well as people skilled in guiding a high quality non-profit organization. We continually build community and learning by rotating some of the board every year, and there are over 75 board alumni in the watershed.
  • The Technical Team are people with scientific backgrounds and expertise. They advise on habitat priorities, monitoring, and project prioritization, design, and implementation.

    Our volunteers contribute over 3,000 hours
    of service per year.
  • Many individual volunteers support our work through committing their talents and time. On average, over 100 people contribute over 3,000 hours per year.
  • Property owners participate in education and on-the-ground projects. Ongoing stewardship of high quality habitat is central to the long-term effectiveness of the Council’s work.
  • Experienced staff bring a range of skill sets. We recruit, train and retain people with an eye toward long-term relationships with the community and the health of a stable, talented and dedicated organization.
  • You’re part of the Long Tom Watershed Council! We automatically recognize as members anyone who lives, works, or is interested in the health of the watershed. Whether you live in the country or town, or are just connected to this beautiful place, you have a stake here and are part of keeping this a great place to live, work and play.