David Turner Shares Watershed Moments

David Turner began as a rural landowner looking for some help with his creek. In 2005 David successfully partnered with the council to remove an un-permitted dam that was blocking fish passage and trapping sediment on a section of Owens Creek that flowed through his property. David continued to engage the council in a volunteer capacity culminating in volunteer service as a council board member. [Click Here For Video]

Now in the final few months of his term, David continues to engage the community on behalf of the council. In many ways, Davids relationship of the council is typical of so many partners who start small and continue to dive deeper into what it means to be a part of this incredible watershed community. This spring, David even completed a book long in the making about the history of the Long Tom River and it’s people! (check out Dave’s website here). Thank you David for lending your voice and your vision to the council and the watershed we share! [Click Here For Video]