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Previous Public Meeting:

Introducing the Lower Long Tom River Enhancement Plan

Tues, Nov 29, 6 – 8 p.m.
Monroe Community Library
380 N 5th St, Monroe, OR 97456

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* All are welcome to come early, for a “Meet and Greet” opportunity with new Executive Director, Clinton Begley! Join LTWC board and staff any time before the public meeting between 5 and 6 p.m. (Click to learn more)

Public Meeting will start at 6 p.m.

LTWC has received grant funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to improve the function and habitat of the lower Long Tom River from the Fern Ridge Dam downstream to the Willamette River. The outcome of project will be the development of a plan that will explore ideas and opportunities to increase the river’s ability to handle high flows, improve habitat conditions for native fish and wildlife, improve upstream fish migration, and consider the needs and perspectives of local residents and the watershed community. We’ve recently hired a consultant to assist in developing this plan. We’re excited to introduce this project to the watershed community, and we’ll be looking for community input and participation as we develop this plan. Join us on Nov 29th to learn more about this exciting project!

Juvenile Chinook found downstream of Monroe

Meeting Topics:

  • Overview, vision, and purpose of project. Why is LTWC working on this project and what are the goals? Who are the the people and organizations involved?
  • Looking back at 120 years of history of Long Tom River management
  • Background on the fish species present and how they use the river
  • Introduce key people and partners working on the project
  • Process for developing inundation maps, and examples from similar projects
  • Next steps, and how the community can become involved in the process and share ideas

    Migratory cutthroat trout in lower Long Tom River



  • Tony Stroda, Monroe area landowner
  • Cameron Bishop, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resource Specialist
  • Peter Gruendike, River Design Group Engineer and Technical Consultant
  • Denise Hoffert, Outreach & Improvement Plan Consultant
  • Dana Dedrick, LTWC Special Projects Lead / Jed Kaul, LTWC Fish Biologist


Free and open to all!
Refreshments provided

Questions? Rob at 541-338-7055 or operations at longtom dot org