David Turner Shares Watershed Moments

David Turner began as a rural landowner looking for some help with his creek. In 2005 David successfully partnered with the council to remove an un-permitted dam that was blocking fish passage and trapping sediment on a section of Owens Creek that flowed through his property. David continued to engage the council in a volunteer capacity culminating in volunteer service as a council board member. [Click Here For Video] Continue reading…

“Inside Agroforestry” articles feature two LTWC project families!

The Long Tom Watershed Council is proud of its strong relationship with our Agriculture Community. Over the years we’ve worked with many ag partners toward shared habitat and water quality goals on numerous projects throughout the watershed.

Two recent issues of USDA’s Inside Agroforestry, highlighted Laughing Stock Farm owner Paul Atkinson and Confluence Farms’ Trey and Tammie Hagen. In the articles, these Long Tom Landowners share their stories about their land, personal values, and motivations for partnering with the council to improve watershed health. These are great stories of community driven conservation in action!

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Rain Garden Volunteer Activity

Join the LTWC Volunteer Planting Crew on Sunday, May, 7th from 10AM – 3PM (tenative), for HIV Alliance’s Rain Garden Planting with our Urban Restoration & Stormwater Specialist, Sarah Whitney!
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Meet this year’s Board Candidates

Each year, the Nominating Committee recruits and recommends a slate of Board of Directors candidates for election at the Annual Meeting. This year’s slate includes Kea Cannon, Ginnie Grilley, Shelly Miller, and Jonathan Powell.  Continue reading…

Will You Help Make Amazon Creek Trout Friendly? Join us in this exciting campaign!

Will You Help Make Amazon Creek Trout Friendly?

A ‘Watershed Moment’ for Amazon Creek:

Amazon creek is home to heron, otter, amphibians, insects, native fish like sculpins, and about 159,000 Eugenians, but where are the trout? When the seasonal flows are right, native cutthroat trout are knocking at the door of Amazon Creek where it meets Fern Ridge Reservoir and the Long Tom River. But the creek isn’t quite ready yet. After four years of success working to improve Amazon Creek water quality through voluntary low impact development with commercial partners, we see a community willing to take the next step toward a trout friendly Amazon Creek, but we need your help.

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Volunteer Spotlights

Learn more about a few of the amazing people who support the Long Tom Watershed Council through volunteering! Continue reading…

Get outside with LTWC this summer!

We have several volunteer opportunities this summer – catching and tagging cutthroat trout, collecting bugs, stewarding native plants, and more. Have some fun in the sun and stream while helping your local watershed council! Continue reading…

Jodi Sommers Shares Watershed Moments

Jodi Sommers of Essex General Construction, Inc. shares a few watershed moments about our Urban Waters & Wildlife Program! Amazon Creek is the Long Tom’s largest tributary and around 70% of Eugene lives in the Long Tom Watershed! This program works with urban land owners in and around Eugene to improve the quality of water entering Amazon Creek as it makes its way to the Long Tom River. [Click Here For Video] Continue reading…

Volunteers Wanted for Ludwigia Extraction!

The Long Tom Watershed Council is seeking volunteers to help out with 4 different Ludwigia extraction opportunities with LTWC water quality specialist, Amanda Reinholtz!

Rain or Shine! This is an amazing opportunity to gain professional experience, give back to your community, and get your hands dirty with Long Tom Watershed Council Staff.

Interested? Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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Jason Hunton Shares Watershed Moments

The Hunton Family has been a part of the watershed council since the beginning, and has shared numerous watershed moments with us over the last twenty years. Jason Hunton was kind enough to host us at his home and family farm, to share with us what makes this council so special to him, and such an important resource for private landowners seeking to add conservation value to the watershed we share, through meaningful projects on the land they work and steward. [Watch Video Here]

Council Celebrates 20 Years of Watershed Moments!

The Long Tom Watershed Council has spent 20 years connecting your vision for a healthier watershed to impactful projects on the ground! [Read More… ]

The success of that work has depended upon each of your many watershed moments. Moments like your hours spent volunteering counting fish or planting native shrubs, lending your voice on watershed issues at our council meetings, or your generous donations to our work. Or, most importantly, moments spent sharing your time and your love for the watershed with family, friends, neighbors and us.

This year the council celebrates 20 years of neighbors helping neighbors to enhance land and water in their community. From the timber stands to the coast range to the rich agricultural lands in the valley bottom, and our urban tributary Amazon Creek, the common value to steward our land and water has been the foundation for bridges of trust and a sense of community around the vision for a healthy Long Tom Watershed.


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