Owens Creek Fish Passage & Habitat Restoration at Barrows’

The Barrows family partnered with LTWC to enhance habitat for native fish and wildlife on their property along Owens Creek, a major tributary in the Bear Creek sub-basin west of Junction City off  High Pass Rd.
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South Fork Ferguson Creek Fish Passage & Aquatic Habitat Enhancement

LTWC improved stream habitat and connectivity for fish migration at three sites on South Fork Ferguson Creek, the largest tributary to Ferguson Creek. The Detering Family, Giustina Land & Timber, and Hull-Oakes Lumber Co. all  voluntarily participated in this grant funded effort to make an important headwater area of the Ferguson Creek basin more accessible for native fish like cutthroat trout.

The Council replaced three culverts and engineered a riffle on the furthest downstream culvert to reduce water velocities. Log jams were also installed to improve habitat for native fish, insects, and other aquatic life using 80 logs donated from Finley Wildlife Refuge and the Detering Family. Finally, an existing 20-acre beaver pond complex was fitted with a pond leveler control system to keep the pond at a constant level, reducing the potential for flooding on the landowner’s fields and roads while maintaining off-channel habitat for juvenile fish.


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Essex General Construction, Inc

Rain gardens and swales manage the runoff of 800 sq ft of impervious surface at Essex General Construction, Inc!

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Gibson Steel Basins

This 2,800 sq ft rain garden treats 65,340 sq ft  – that’s an acre and a half – of impervious surface! 
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Joe’s Garage

A rain garden (970 sqft) and two native planting areas totaling (500 sqft) were installed at Joe’s Garage’s new expansion located at 1st St and Adams St. to help manage the runoff of heavy metals, heat, and petroleum products into the Willamette watershed.  Owner, Darrin takes great pride in his new landscape, regularly educating his employees, customers and neighboring businesses as to the benefits of his new landscaping.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs, located along Amazon Creek at 4020 Steward Rd, installed a 500 sq ft rain garden that manages 11,000 sq ft of stormwater runoff from their primary parking area.
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OSU Extension Service, Eugene location

The OSU Extension Service’s Historic building on Jefferson St. upgraded their brick planters to host native species and manage the rainwater from the north half of their substantial roof.  The Master Gardeners have added their unique design touch and plant knowledge to these now functional planters that manage nearly 2,000 sqft of impervious service.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific, winner of the 2015 Eugene Mayor’s Bold Steps Award, partnered with LTWC to install an innovative stormwater retention pond.
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