Youth Internships for Native American Students

Bringing Traditional Ecological Knowledge Back into the Long Tom Watershed

College and high school students interested in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in the Long Tom Watershed and southern Willamette Valley are encouraged to apply.

Choose a topic to study through changing seasons, like traditional medicine plants, weaving plants, camas, oak, etc.; natural phenomena, landscapes, policy and law, or another topic of your choice to explore in collaboration with Tribal TEK experts, community members, the Long Tom Watershed Council, and other conservation organizations in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Students will learn about local ecosystems, oak and prairie habitat restoration, botany, ethnoecology, community collaboration, or other topics of interest. Intern projects can contribute to oak habitat restoration efforts currently underway on private and/or public lands and provide information on ways to incorporate TEK into oak restoration efforts in the area.

This is an opportunity for Native students to work one-on-one with Native educators. LTWC is involved to help facilitate the opportunity. Any information shared with LTWC or other people beyond the student and educators is up to the student. We have support from landowners of the Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve for it to be available to students to pursue studying the land and Zumwalt Park as well. If interest, local conservation practitioners would welcome the opportunity to share how current habitat restoration collaboration occurs locally with students.

Internship Details:

  • Stipends and funding for transportation are available to
  • support interns.
  • Up to six internships are available for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Internships can be tailored to fit a student’s schedule with time and length commitments flexible based on the student’s interest.
  • Peer mentor opportunities and public presentation opportunities could be incorporated for students as well.


For an application, please contact Katie MacKendrick at the Long Tom Watershed Council: 541-338-7033 or