• Clinton BegleyClinton Begley, Watershed Coordinator / Executive Director
      (541) 654-8965
      “One of the most important factors to me when I first considered joining LTWC team was the truly diverse array of stakeholders represented by the board, the staff, and their projects. As someone who comes from a farming family in the rural Midwest, who also enjoys spending time recreating in wild places, I appreciate the even handed and thoughtful consideration that the organization gives to diverse sets of priorities impacting shared interests and resources. Collaboration is an approach that I believe in, and I am privileged to be part of a team that lives and breathes it.” Clinton’s Bio
    • Rob professional photoRob Hoshaw, Operations Director
      (541) 338-7055
      “It’s inspiring when someone approaches me after an educational event or presentation and says ‘I’m really impressed with the work you do. How can I get involved?’ I’m excited to work for a truly inclusive organization that does a tremendous job of utilizing the talents of so many people. LTWC provides an important spark that brings diverse perspectives of all these people together – all of whom care about water.”      Rob’s Bio
    • Jed Kaul, Fish Biologist
      (541) 338-7058
      “It is rewarding to work with species such as the cutthroat trout that don’t garner as much attention as some others. Taking our proactive approach to improving habitat, before there are regulations requiring action, allows us to work with a more diverse group of landowners and make an impact in the Long Tom Watershed and Willamette River.”  Jed’s bio
    • Dana Dedrick, Special Projects Lead
      (541) 654-8965
      “I love it when people are stunned by the unusual partnerships our council can bring together, such as farmers and urban businesses working together on our pesticide stewardship program. It’s all about common goals. The people of this watershed community have repeatedly created bridges across the typical divides, matched science with practicality and community goals, and delivered excellence. I want to continue that deeply meaningful work and go ‘long-term in the Long Tom!'”     Dana’s Bio
    • Katie's bio photoKatie MacKendrick, Ecologist
      (541) 338-7033
      “As a volunteer, I developed great respect and admiration for the Long Tom Watershed Council. Now, as a staff member, my respect and admiration only deepen: for the rare oak and prairie ecosystems the Watershed anchors, for the dedicated and insightful landowners and land managers who live amongst, work with, and steward these natural resources, and for the organization – its members, staff, board, advisers, and volunteers – who together effectively combine sound science and local knowledge to achieve goals beneficial to all in the watershed.”     Katie’s Bio
    • SarahWhitney_web
      Sarah Whitney, Urban Habitats & Stormwater Specialist
      (541) 654-8965
      Sarah’s bio
    • Amanda_for websiteAmanda Reinholtz, Habitat and Water Quality Specialist
      (541) 338-7060.
      Amanda’s Bio





13592274_1714233838836530_8841507201965962391_nTrisha Maxfield, Operations & Database Assistant
Trisha’s Bio