May Public Gathering: Owens Creek Restoration Project Tour

Tuesday, May 28, 5:30 p.m.
Deck Family Farm
High Pass Rd west of Junction City

Bridge at Deck Family Farm Jan 2011
This bridge on Owens Creek replaced an undersized
culvert and now allows trout to access over 6 miles of upstream haibtat.

“Improving stream habitat on an active farm in the Bear Creek basin”


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Speakers & Topics

John Deck, landowner

  • Landowner’s goals and approach to project
  • How improving stream habitat coexists with the goals of a working farm


Pat McDowellgeomorphologist at UO

  • How land and stream dynamics work and what this project does


Jed Kaul, LTWC fish biologist

  • Why the Bear Creek Basin is important for cutthroat trout
  • How the project improved migration for native fish and other species


Deck Family Farm is at 25362 High Pass Rd, 3.1 miles west of High Pass Rd’s intersection with Territorial Hwy.

Free, and open to everyone.

Call Rob, 541-338-7060 or for more info.

Profile of Deck Family Farm project